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    Roy Devenish

    I could name a number – including opne that accepts students who complete assignments in longhand 0- but I don’t feel like a shower of lawsuits. I have also unfortunately to disagree with Gordon Muller and wouyld suggest that Pedro Diederichs and his TUT depasrtment sets the benchmark

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    Drop me a line,, with some names of dodgy ones. Will be discreet!

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    Another Perspective!
    Smaller training provider jump through many hoops to achieve and maintain accreditation.
    The training value chain is alive – so many checks and balances to ensure verification of results
    Qualifications need reviewing – outcomes in exisiting course does not prepare candidates for changes in the digital economy and creative enterprise
    Standards are set by industry professionals through SGB – join them?
    Through MICT and QCTO the journalism qualification is currently being repositioned – join in?

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    Samantha Louis

    Any reputable course will be reistered on the National Qualifications framework

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