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    One Only: Total Tax Freedom


    The natural
    drive and honor of civilized people are to be self-sufficient for themselves and
    their dependents. Economic freedom is fundamental for achieving self-sufficiency
    and prosperity.


    The obscure political
    power taxing people destroys economic freedom and divides communities; because
    it is always abused by minority self-interests and breeds conflicts, protests
    and revolutions.


    Tax is any
    economic value surrendered to political force. Tax abuse includes: quick riches
    for power abusers; favors for family and friends; useless services; illegal tax
    used for protected and untaxed corruption; discriminatory tax collections; many
    kinds and ever increasing taxes; selective voter handouts for clinging to corruptive
    power; oppressive and costly laws; huge living costs enforced with profits and
    tax of state directed and uncompetitive business.


    Tax abuse makes
    it impossible for anyone to calculate what total tax is; or to collect all
    taxes and ensure that tax abusers and everyone pay their fair tax share. The unknown
    total tax on the masses must be far more than what they earn. That forces
    people into excessive debt even for basic living costs and worsens poverty.


    driven tax abuse is unstoppable. So stop its source, the obscure political power
    taxing people. Total tax freedom is the one and only solution. Then everybody knows
    tax is exactly nil.


    With their
    hard earned money totally tax free, all people can afford competitive goods and
    services, insurance cover for possible loss and savings for old age. And they may
    freely contribute for community needs and minimal competent public duties. That leaves no reason to tax people, except for


    In contrast to
    destructive tax abuse, global and local free enterprise excels in providing all
    possible human needs: productive jobs and fair pay, affordable goods and services,
    infrastructure, new technologies and products, capital markets; etc. Many start
    as small business, the worldwide champion job creator.


    Empower people
    with economic and total tax freedom to create winning nations. It cures tax
    abuse (100%), unemployment and poverty. All peoples unite to end outdated tax
    slavery. Do not vote otherwise!


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    Sentences like “Thirdly, this tendency to disarticulate the
    political in general from the narrower juridico-consitutional domain, or
    to disarticulate the political from the social and economic, or policy
    from politics, or the micro from the macro-economic are all related to
    weaknesses in analyzing the SYSTEMIC (that is, inter-connected) nature
    of the challenges we are confronting.” don’t do all that much for comprehension. I wonder who Jeremy thinks he’s talking to.

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    Gavin Parkin

    Dude, who is going to build roads, hospitals, prisons, ports, airports, libraries, schools etc?

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