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    Tear 90% of them down, reduce the number of billboards and charge more for the 10% you keep. The industry is killing itself by over saturating the environment with marketing messages thereby making it easier for users to block out or gloss over marketing messages. On a section of the M1 near Melrose there is such over-saturation of marketing messaging that it’s really pointless.

    Ultimately marketers will judge this media by it’s contribution to their bottom line, if they find it wanting they will stop using it and migrate spend to other area’s.

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    I believe the current by laws in COJ are fine, the issue is the OOH companies that don’t abide by the laws. Wide Open Platform is the worst, to my knowledge Wide Open does not have 1 legal billboard in the COJ. There is a per SQM cost to submit a application and for them as Large Format Advertisers it is too expensive to do things properly [actually apply for billboard/wrap].

    Is see 2 solutions to this issue:

    1. Changing the by laws is not the right thing to do, the relevant authorities need to stick to them. You will find the department will decline application because it is not approvable, only to find to applicant submits a appeal and gets approved by the management above the department. They obviously have beneficial relationships with the large media companies.

    2. Impose a penalty to the client on the billboard, simple. Media buyers will soon start asking for approvals for sites before the purchase the site. Some agencies ask the approval status but we still see a lot of illegal sites being used for advertising.

    I am a Media Owner in Johannesburg and deal with the COJ Advertising Department, the issue is not them…it’s the people overriding the decision’s above them and the agencies that feel that do not need to do things by the book.

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