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    As an Englishman with South African roots (parents and early life in Joburg), having worked in British radio in London, as well as FM radio in Sydney where I now live, I think I can see this debacle from a few different perspectives.
    Firstly, I’ve never been a fan of prank calls – they’re just a way of taking the piss out of some poor sod. Is it funny? Not to me. It’s called bullying in other situations.
    Secondly, a lot of Australians dislike the British, particularly the royal family, so when this so-called “harmless prank” was dreamed up, I’m sure there was a fair bit of needle intended. This hilarious episode was about as funny as a 6 year old boy walking up to an adult and saying “bum” and running away giggling. Oh yes, the Australians have a fantastic sense of humour!
    But, aside from the absolute tragedy of the nurse’s death, this “prank” was not funny, it wasn’t clever, it wasn’t entertaining, and worst of all, it fails the most basic test…it wasn’t compelling radio.

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    I have yet to meet an Australian with a sense of humor. Their crude, crass and narrow minded jibes are simply not funny

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