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    Russ Naille

    So, South Africa is roughly the size of Europe? And Robertson talks about falling standards …

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    Russ Naille

    South Africa area: Ranked 25th: 1,220,813 km2 (471,359 sq mi)
    France: Area: 41st: 674,843 km2 (260,558 sq mi)
    Spain: Area: 52nd:504,782 km2 (194,897 sq mi)
    Germany: Area: 63rd: 357,021 km2 (137,847 sq mi).
    So just those three of the 47 countries that make up Europe are already a bigger land mass than SA… nice research… did you take Robertson at his word, (and in fact, did he make that claim?) … or was that your own conclusion? Good journalism…

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    Russ Naille

    What is Robertson’s track record in commitment to print journalism? Can you compare the number of reporters that the Sunday Times employed when he was Editor with the number employed during his tenure as CEO (acting) of the company?
    He also makes no mention of the falling standards of our national education system as being a reason for the poor quality of junior and mid-level reporters that his company (and other media houses) must choose from to boost their numbers.
    With regard to the on-line threat, he seems to confuse “information” with “news”. Everyone has access to most info these days, but it is the stories of the people behind the news that makes the information compelling.

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