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    Nick Wright

    Good summary. The best gender-neutral language doesn’t language doesn’t draw attention to itself. That’s why I prefer recasting the sentences in the plural rather than using he or she or they or their with a singular subject.

    You’re right about his/her and s/he – it looks clumsy and is a sure sigh that the writer has paid heed to gender-neutral language but hasn’t made any effort to write with good flow.

    Nick Wright

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    Sarah Fox

    I disagree about using the plural. In longer texts such as workbooks I tend to make a note that I will refer to one person as male, another as female and organisations as it and state “Neither stereotyping nor discrimination is intended.” Even in shorter articles I prefer to use male and female. I don’t always want to talk in the plural but I do want to make it clear that both genders have a valuable role in our society.

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