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    ad busters

    Nico use to work in the industry while was in the DA – big mouth

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    Signage (incl. Outdoor Advertising) is one of the biggest contributors to the look and feel of a city. Outdoor Advertising is a significant revenue generator, but has traditionally been developed on private land in an organic, ad hoc fashion. Many leading cities are starting to look at a master planned approach, where signage is planned and integrated into the urban environment, limiting visual clutter whilst at the same time generating revenue which can be used for city beautification, infrastructure upgrading and/or maintenance. Perhaps its time for CoJ & JPC to look at a few international case studies!

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    Advertising Guru

    Billboard advertising, outdoor advertising, digital advertising plays an effective role in promoting a brand.its not only gives a view to the customers but also to the area….
    Digital advertising is also on demand now a days…..

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