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    I’m no apologist for Johannesburg, but I dislike misleading articles as much as I dislike misleading adverts!

    The heading of this article isn’t accurate. The ASA ruled that the radio advert’s claim that Johannesburg is financially stable is misleading, and therefore the ad should be withdrawn. ASA did not rule that Johannesburg is not a “World Class African City” – it was silent on that matter.

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    Precisely. I get the feeling the suppliers of the “copious amounts of champagne” Ms Nevill consumes, according to her brief bio, are fairly near to her.

    Must say though, I’m becoming rather confused by the constant praise of
    Johannesburg by our European clients. Should I tell them to stop talking

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    By world city standards, Johannesburg is pretty classy. Consider Detroit and other world cities now in desperate financial straits.

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