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    Amanda Watson

    I’ve read the study and it raises interesting points, but I think it’s dangerous to claim the study is representative of the youth when by the authors own admission, ‘…spoke to 956 respondents aged 15 to 30 about their news consumption. We
    topped this up with focus groups of a total of 107 participants.’

    In reality then, the answers for what youth wanted to read were represented by 107 people aged between 15 to 36. Not even government sees sees a 36-year-old as a youth.

    Is it possible that a 26-year-old has had his or her opinions on media needs and wants already formed, and what impact did the older ‘youths’ have on the younger youths?

    I think as a baseline, it’s a very skinny line, and a much bigger net should be cast before declaring this what the youth need or want.

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