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    Hahahaha! Were it not so ironic – “Tyler Perry’s: A Medea’s Christmas” as a blockbuster? REALLY?? – Ryan’s piece would be very funny. Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for those movies (“Pacific Rim”) which simply MUST be seen on the big screen. The thing that bothers an avid big-screen movie fan like myself the most is the exorbitantly high cost of them and the largely atrocious service you have to suffer. Whether Ster-Kinekor or Numetro, no movie is ever less than R100 a pop, once you factor in travel, parking, ticket & refreshments. At these prices only the very wealthy can afford them anymore. Which is a pity!

    Especially if you can wait a few weeks and pick the same thing up for a quarter of the price at a DVD store. Or watch it in HD via online streaming for mahala. The only difference is one of timing.

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