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    Quite amazing that the clever ad chaps cannot appreciate the distinction between deploying marketing to support social causes and the cynical manipulation of social causes (and social media) for the purposes of marketing.

    Add to the finger-licking list of the guilty the FNB “help” series and the pathetic follow-ups from Absa in the form of “prosper” and “#humanspirit”.

    So cynical, so self-serving, so far up their own backsides that they will never be able to appreciate it. Apparently, as long as your heart is allegedly in the right place, then any degradation of social causes for the purposes of brand building is legitimate.

    Next up: multiple monthly creee-hative awards and furious mutual masturbation as everyone tells each other that you’re, like, just so with the times, bru, really, I mean it, an inspiration to an industry that so needs tranformation , like . . . . FFS.

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    And of course this would have nothing at all to do with the fact that the Yum brands account is worth, like, a gazillion bucks to the agency . . .

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    Les Dyason

    Mr Prawn,
    Well put. Well said. Well penned.

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