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    Thank you for publishing this profile of me, but please make the following corrections:

    The initiative I ran was called “the Digital Divide Network.” It’s name wasn’t “Digital Divide.”

    The Tunisian vendor did not set himself on fire because of high food prices. He set himself on fire because corrupt officials confiscated his food cart after he refused to pay a bribe.

    In the paragraph beginning with “Over two or three weeks,” I did not use the method you describe with regards to Tunisia. I already knew people there. That method came later, beginning in Egypt. So when you say I did “much the same” in Egypt, that’s misleading because Egypt is where I started using that technique.

    Regarding the munition with the six-pointed star on it, I never said it was British. It’s a symbol that’s used on shells intended to be used as illumination rounds that light up the sky. We found a British schematic of the symbol from the First World War; we never identified this particular shell’s original. It was not a “bomb.” It was a type of flare.

    On my visit to Cairo I was not at a “pavement café.” It was a rooftop café.

    Thank you,

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