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    Clayton Gregory

    Hi Yoav, thanks for writing this nice article. Your last paragraph is really the most important point, but there is something missing. I have one slightly
    cynical comment, and ask for your forgiveness in advance. Why is big
    data such a big deal when most businesses haven’t even gotten to grips
    with small data yet? Most of the large businesses I deal with – banks,
    cell phone providers, SAA, copier/printer company, ISP’s, supermarkets,
    and so on, have no idea who I am, can’t pronounce my name, never phone
    me on my birthday, don’t know my personal preferences, and don’t even
    remember when was the last time I spent money there. I know I am not
    “high net worth”, and in fact, I accept that I am one of the “rats and
    mice” (as one of my ex-suppliers arrogantly put it.) But it would be
    nice if they actually acknowledged my presence once in a while. Big
    data? Bah, humbug,

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