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    Herman Lategan

    Oy vey and oy gevalt, it’s such a pity this whole saga, as he is one of the best and most experienced journalists and newspapermen in the country. I hope that it’s all sorted out amicably.

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    Gavin Foster

    So it’s not OK to consider joining a political party, but taking free cars from politicians and closing down the most efficient unit in the police force to save JK’s son’s money when his businers partners are implicated in fraud is??

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    Llewellyn Kriel

    What everyone seems to ignore is exactly HOW the ruling party came by this information in the first place. Maybe fingers should not be pointed only at the US when it comes to spying on its citizens. And in South Africa’s case, is national espionage being used for ANC gain? Probably … yes.

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    Bob Norris

    With the level of corruption within the ANC, a party I once joined, worked for at election time and of course voted for, this is hardly a story. Incidentally when I stood up and said I am ANC I did not loose my positions I society. I am no longer ANC and will vote Agang next year and still I will not loose my positions. Why is a journo any different – clearly there has always been and always will be free thinking amongst them. There is no such thing as unbiased coverage – unless it is dishonest and delivered for power, money or position.

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    Mbutu Mbutu

    I prefer these political activists come in the open than hoodwink unsuspecting readers on the pretense of balanced journalism when in fact they are pushing DA agenda

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    You say: “Editor of The Citizen, Martin Williams, also mentioned in the Business Day report, did not respond to questions from The Media Online at the time of posting”.

    In fact I had already retired by the time you posted this. So I was “former editor”.

    In addition, no one from your organisation contacted me.

    Kind regards, Martin Williams

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