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    Stevo Jones

    Only anc voters should have to pay the tv license (and e-tolls) because that’s what they voted for, not the rest of us that no one listens to.

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    It is not ethically acceptable to (try to) influence research results, and I am happy to see that the researchers refused to do so, if that was indeed the case here. However, publishing research findings in this manner does not adhere to the internationally accepted ethical requirements for market research. Research reports are confidential, and the information in such reports cannot be made public without the client’s permission. I am hoping that it was not the research agency that leaked this research report, and if it was, I do hope that they are not members of the Southern African Marketing Research Association (SAMRA, the professional body for marketing research in South Africa) as disciplinary action would have to be taken. Publishing research findings without permission is the research equivalent of a journalist divulging the identity of a confidential source in a newspaper article.

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