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    I struggle with logic that I’m being told where and when I can smoke and drink (and pay a premium for this restricted access), yet obese and morbidly obese people have access to their ‘drug’ 7 days and week, 24hrs a day – and pay no premium, despite the fact that their ‘drug’ also comes with 100’s of equally deadly health risks.

    If we breathalyse drinkers, and make smokers stand in the cold, then surely people can be weighed before buying junk food? Sorry Maam, but at 150kg i cant serve you 4 cheesburgers, 2 drinks and 3 deserts… Have a salad and bottle of water instead!

    Same logic with flying. If i weigh 80kg and my luggage maximum is 20kg, then im being penalized by the 150kg passenger with 20kg luggage – surely i should be allowed an additional 70kg in luggage? I suggest that your combined weight should determine your ticket price and/or surcharge fee.

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    Justin McCarthy

    I agree with you once more – but not entirely.
    1, Your claim that advertising simply doesn’t reach the 16-24 year old age group is simply untrue. Mass media doesn’t enjoy widespread penetration but plenty of niche channels do – just try MXit as a pretty powerful example of that. Or PlayStation, X-Box or YouTube or any number of social channels.
    2. How is the ad industry meant to educate the public about advertising when our own government can’t get maths and science taught? It’s a ridiculous notion.
    3. Your notion that it’s lazy parents lobbying government to ban ads for stuff they’re afraid to confront their own children over is equally nonsensical. Governments like ours banned tobacco and plan to ban alcohol, fast foods and CSDs because they’re signatories to the WHO – the ultimate nanny state. Zealots like Aaron Motsoaledi follow this to the letter.

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