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    Hi Mariaan,
    Do you know that you are listed as an Entertainment freelance journalist for another popular weekend paper?
    Glad we gave you and your fans a good laugh though 🙂

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    That’s actually pretty rude. Is making fun of other women for their hobbies/pursuits (even the so-called frivolous ones) now considered part of “feminism”? If the journalist really wanted a public laugh at someone else’s expense she should have at least withheld identities.

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    I think you have missed the point. This is not about (no-scare-quotes) feminism – it’s about doing your research about a publication before pitching your client at them.

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    David Chislett

    Well, it seems Marianne received this in ‘her’ inbox and not in a Daily Maverick inbox…. why did she assume where it was pitched when the email never mentions a publication title?
    Sometime journalist can also be complete asses when dealing with PR people (who I admit are often not on top of their game)

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    Andrea Walters

    I am curious as to how you concluded that this is about feminism. As I understood it, it refers to public relations practitioners (of either gender, one assumes) who disseminate press releases without checking on the type of content that is published by the media approached. Incidentally, I am a feminist – and it’s really not as scary as you think.

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