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    He must interfere. Whatever he is tired of, the rest of us are tired of M&G, City Press, Sunday Times and other clones. All of that bombast is useless if he does not interfere. Up to now, there is no visible difference in the papers he owns, from these other ones, and from what they were before. It could all be a bluff. Handsome is as handsome does. Hic rhodus, hic salta.

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    Is this advertorial? Interesting CV. He should get Karima to get one of his junior subs to at least put it in Indy house style and lose some of the superlatives.

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    Lucinda Jordaan

    Er. no. I couldn’t agree less, actually.

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    You may get your way, Lucinda. This man can be another fairy tale like Obama: “Change you can believe in”. Obviously if he does not interfere, there won’t be any change.

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    Willie Meyer

    Good Lord! Has bought out The Media Online too or has he just paid for this advertorial?

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    Peter B.

    Beware the Islamist Agenda

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    Justin McCarthy

    How is anyone reasonable reading this as pro-Surve? I have many bones to pick with the man but this is hardly anything less than a balanced interview that neither attacks nor defends. It appears to me that those who cry foul perpetuate the stereotype that fuels the very reason why some within the ANC want to control the media. It’s just a game between centres of power (or pretensions to power) – and a game that threatens media integrity. It’s a lose/lose battle.

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    zipp reeper

    Surve has announced that he wants to cull Independent’s mostly white subs. He seems to thinks reporters can sub their own stories. ha ha. Surve should have stayed in the corrupt fisheries game.

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    Where did Survé announce that he “wants to cull Independent’s mostly white subs”? Not in the article above, for sure. There is too much flying of kites, selling of dummies and starting of hares going on around this matter. Smearing the guy is not going to assist, either. The full story is: New owner, hinting at re-invention of wheel, turns out to be no different to old owner. Baas. Kwisha. Finish. Klaar.

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