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    Chris Marrington

    An interesting point of view. However, we should be aware that by sanitizing our language to exclude the tiniest possibility that someone, somewhere will take offence impinges on our right to free speech. To say to a man that he throws like a girl is a mild and usually good natured jibe and refers, obviously, to the stereotypical non-athletic female. In most cases, the comment is used to gain unfair psychological advantage over an opponent. Such phrases are not worthy of deep analysis; they don’t disempower women. If anyone’s power is diminished, it is the man to whom they were addressed.

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    Vicki Hinz DeJoy

    We couldn’t agree more…

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    A girl

    If “like a girl” is diminishing a man, it’s because the girl they are compared to is seen as having a lower value than the man they are. It implies that girls/women are worth less than boys/men. That is the underlying disempowerment that little “good natured jibe” holds. Do you want to be part of the problem, or part of the solution?

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