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    George Galbraith

    I note with some trepidation, the element of political interference by the union on Clothing and Textiles (SACTWU). Given the known Marxist leaning of the Tripartheid alliance, together with its mentor-participant, the SACP and the appalling track-record of government under such arrangement, this development is startling and anathema.

    It lifts the covers on what increasingly appears to be an unhealthy outflanking of independent media, both printed and broadcast, in which the ANC seeks to control media to its own devices and political benefit.

    The erosion of democracy by this and many other outflanking maneuvers, such as the killing of the Scorpions, ducking of judicial responsibility, corruption cadre deployment and the passing of questionable laws under the guise of transformation; should become the focus of every South African intent on correcting our headlong plunge to a banana state. I watch developments with my noted trepidation!

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