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    peter lawton

    Hello Chris. Bad news. I have banished SA to the hot place for it’s incessant repeating of past and present sins.
    The much heralded saviors/liberators turned their backs on the moral high ground they held 20-30 years ago, took the pieces of silver, sold their birthrights and turned the temple into a free-for-all of hucksters, pitchmen and money-lenders.

    Those who hail from pre-1994 take sanctimonious and overweening pride in the infrastructure they bequeathed to the newly anointed, and are all steadily turning into pillars of salt as they look back in longing upon the fleshpots they left behind.

    I have hardened the heart of everyman against everyman, and so it shall be until everyman repents fully, takes but one set of clothes, giving the rest to his brother who has none, and appoints unto governorship only persons of good heart, sound mind and fine spirit

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    Tim Bester

    Rex van Schalkwyk wrote a book titled “One miracle is not enough” shortly after the SACPANCers won power…he was described as an afro-pessimist and a racist…then. I have a few copies now reads like a satire…everything he predicted has come to be.

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