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    Andries van der WALT

    But then as Soren Kierkegaard, the Danish philosopher said:”People demand freedom of speech to make up for the freedom of thought which they avoid.”

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    Well done ED, what is lacking in general today is one must identify the REAL problem or the real reason why this article was published in the first place.

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    “Independent Media” (publisher of the Cape Times) is no more
    independent than prisoners in pollsmoor. All part of Zuma’s encircling
    net of corrupt control of SA. So not at all surprising to find corrupt
    articles. Everything the government touches turns to sh1t – including
    the quality of reporting in cANCer controlled media. If it wasn’t for
    Zille and her excellent political skills the cANCer would likely have
    succeeded in getting a 2/3 majority in the last 2 elections which would
    have enabled the cANCer to change the constitution and that would be
    lights out permanently for SA. The constitution is the only thing they
    have not been able to bring under their corrupt influence yet, thanks to
    Zille and the honourable DA. (Dear ANC. You can Google these words
    that you do not know the meaning of: “Honourable”, “ethics” and
    “hypocritical”. You can also use Google to find out about your
    “honourable leader’s” hundreds of pending criminal cases. While you are
    there, check Google maps for the shortest route to the banana republic
    for confirmation that you guys are still on track)

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    Teresa Williams

    Excellent article, thank you.

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    sybrand mostert

    Do not underestimate what is happening here.
    Iqbal Surve did not spend R2billion buying Independent to sit on the sidelines. He and new editor Aneez Salie are friends from struggle days, and the Cape Times
    is his baby. As pointed out by Business Day, Survé is clearly trying to
    reposition the Cape Times to appeal to a more left-wing, coloured readership.
    That’s why Alide Dasnois was fired and sixteen staffers associated with the papers earlier liberal stance have been squeezed out and replaced by new faces.
    Good luck to Surve – it might be a good idea to reposition the paper, but the people he has especially chosen to do it are incompetent. (But they are pursuing a new (owner’s) narrative.)
    That is also why this instance of plagiarism and awful journalism matters not a whisker to the owner, and we will have more of it in future.
    (And don’t hold your breath for the peer review.)

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    peter lawton

    When ‘hate’ is the driver, newspapers are wonderful vehicles to deliver propaganda, insinuation, black-balling, anything to cause grief and harm, regardless of truth. It seems The Cape Times is now one of those vehicles in the so-called “independent” fleet.

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    Andrew Newby

    This is a well structured and perceptive piece of journalism Ed. Johnny Odendaal would have been proud of you!

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    Zipeqe Ngeshe

    Ed Herbst should be the last person to write about “quality”. //

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    This, should I say, deliberately, misleading article by the Cape Times is undoubtedly a symptom that the ANC and it head, Pres. BooZuma, indeed perceives themselves to be under threat by the voices of honesty, reason and justice. I am a firm believer that the truth will prevail over the lies of the ANC and its corrupt followers. You must know that the writing is on the wall when individuals and social institutions have to manufacture disinformation in order to stay in power.

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    Bokwe Mafuna

    Oh, dear; oh dear!

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