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    It’s a ridiculous notion to imply that Independent had any ‘particular’ spin on Zille. Those headlines are completely normal and just. Are you trying to brainwash people here?

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    One could argue the same for News24, their journalist are known supporters of the DA. Naspers is a known financial supporter of the DA.

    I view the only two newspapers that are somewhat objective as the Mail and Guardian and Times Media.

    The same happens in the US.

    Fox supports the Republican party etc.

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    good for the goose...

    And I suppose we should ignore the perception, credible perception that News24 is feels the same toward the DA…?

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    good for the goose

    Thanks for the objective statement.

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    JP Louw

    When good analysis gets muddied in regrettable ugly bias. Now you make us suspect everything you wrote- even the good. SHem!!!

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    Leen Verdoorn

    Yup, the moment someone uses Naspers as yard stick for media excellence, I become sceptical..

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    Leen Verdoorn

    Whilst reading this I envisioned a teary DA fan video. Similar to ‘leave Britney aloooooone’.

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    Be that as it may, the majority of commentators on IOL are right-wing.

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    I’m an avid reader of Die Burger (Netwerk24), Volksblad, Beeld en Rapport maar I can’t for one moment say that Naspers is objective.

    I’m not one for the ANC nor the DA for that matter but Naspers is very much a DA news piece.

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    I checked the SABC interview – you are right, appalling editing and camera work – so amateurish – however the content, an hour of Helen Zille speaking was fascinating. I hadn’t seen it before and I don’t think any of the written press managed to capture the essence of that historic announcement. It was also very strange that the moment Zille said she believed the DA had a chance at winning the National election in a coalition in 2019, there was immediate camera and sound interference and the picture went black, losing the statement. Showing that not only do the SABC seriously suck, but they are also a government propaganda outlet with a biased agenda.

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    but mainstream media (The times, news 24, the citizen) is pro DA anyway! your analysis is hypocritical.

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