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    Anthony Caenazzo

    I sincerely hope that Sarah Dilo and her supporters read these damaging allegations and realise that their “can do no wrong” ANC are a bunch of thieving scum who are slowly destroying South Africa with their underhand dealings.
    Those of us that have been made aware of much of this criminality through reports on Politicsweb are continually condemned by the supporters of criminality.
    Our comments have not been racist, merely expressing our horror, much the same as we did when the National Party’s shenanigans were revealed.

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    Moberley Dick

    What jolly fun, Ed! Let’s all w**k each other off – RW, Richard Y, Hennie van Vuuren and Paul Holden, you, etc.
    First fact: EADS got nothing in the arms deal. As in Zero. Zilch. Nada. Its a small matter in the big scheme, and Tony Y is no doubt a sleaze ball and arrogant on top of it, but it is a fact.
    Second fact: Dr Y spent 90 hours on the stand at the Seriti Commission this March and came up with not one piece of hard evidence. As in Zero. Zilch. Nada. Of course there was the stuff he made up spontaneously while explaining his “complex theory” of how everything fits in with everything and tells us what victims we are. He didn’t tell the Commission that he got four out of the six contracts he bid on, but unfortunately had to give two back for – wait for it – non performance!
    And van Vuuren and Holden? They have chickened out, refuse alongside their mentor Feinstein, to testify before the Seriti Commission. Yes, the same commission they called for. Yes, the same commission they made lengthy submissions to. Why did they pull out? it lacks credibility, they say. When did they find this out? Once Patricia de Lille, Gavin Woods (who submitted newspaper articles as his evidence), David Maynier, Raenette Taljaard had all admitted that they had neither first hand knowledge nor any hard evidence of any wrongdoing. Its called leaving the battlefield before your defeat becomes obvious.
    So here’s a hint for a respected columnist like yourself: why not do a little research in future before sounding off? You know, like reading the testimony given at the Seriti Commission, its all online on their website.
    Or does that sound too much like hard work, and might it just destroy some fondly held beliefs? After all, we are South Africans: why let the facts get in the way of a good rant?

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