Celia Collins Articles 7

Celia Collins has been in the media industry for 18 years and currently holds the position of managing director at Carat Johannesburg. With the extensive experience Celia has gained in Pan African countries, she became a natural selection to the Harmonisation Committee formed by PAMRO. She has previously won the PAMRO Achiever of the Year for previous work she did on the Harmonisation project. Celia has travelled to over 26 different African countries and has extensive knowledge on media in Africa. She is not only ay fait with African media, she has experience in South Africa media on Trading / Client Service Management and Strategy. She has judged Roger Garlic’s twice and was chosen to attend the “TOP GUN” academy in Europe for Leadership in Media. Celia believes in defying monotony, striving for the best whilst helping clients inspire consumers… Tapping in to one’s emotions fortifies the link between consumer and brand. Celia has previously held the following positions:- Deputy Managing Director of SMV Group, Trading Director, General Manager of African Media and Media Manager

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