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Charlie Stewart CEO Rogerwilco I obsess about marketing. A graduate from Scotland's University of St Andrews, I started writing at a young age - a path that took me into the murky world of London's media relations agencies where I found myself advising some of the world's biggest brands on how to garner good headlines and, in some instances, spin themselves out of a crisis. My move to South Africa brought a digital epiphany and I now run one of the country's larger independent digital agencies - I love the fact we can measure digital marketing's impact and determine the real value we offer our clients. While our clients span most industry sectors, I enjoy the earthiness of B2B marketing and co-authored a book on the topic in 2016 with Mark Eardley(Business to Business Marketing: A Step by Step Guide - Penguin Random House). I also write a regular column for the industry publication MarkLives, speak at the occasional marketing conference and judge the Direct Marketing Associations Assegai awards.

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