Gareth Cliff Articles 4

Founder and President of, host of The Gareth Cliff Show and former South African Idols judge; Gareth Cliff is one of South African radio's most prominent personalities. Cliff’s company, One on One Productions (Pty) Ltd, which he founded with his business partner and longtime manager Rina Broomberg, took a major leap into entrepreneurship when on 1 May 2014, Cliff took the giant leap from traditional terrestrial radio to the future of internet and mobile with the aim of creating the preeminent “infotainment” online content hub. CliffCentral offers a variety of authentic and relevant conversations - informative, entertaining, empowering and inspiring – targeting the engaged early adopters, connected in a digital world. In three years, it has made significant progress becoming the biggest podcaster in Africa. Cliff graduated from the University of Pretoria where he initially studied law but switched to International Politics and History, two things he is most passionate about.

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