Rose Capdevila & Liza Lazard Articles 1

Rose Capdevila is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Psychology at the Open University. Her research looks at the boundaries around identity - particularly gender and political identities. She has published on women's activism, health, mothering as well as the role and politics of methodology in psychology. Her current research explores how young women make sense of and curate their identities on and off line. She also co-edits the international journal Feminism & Psychology. Lisa Lazard is a Lecturer in Psychology at the Open University. Her research broadly focuses on the psychology of gender and has published on a wide range of issues including sexual violence, parenting and constructing identities. Her current research focuses on young women's construction of identities in selfies posted to social media networks. She is currently the Editor in Chief of the Psychology of Women Section Review (British Psychological Society Publications).

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