Louis Eksteen Articles 47

Louis Eksteen is managing director of Twisted Toast Digital (Pty) Ltd. On 1 April 2011 he and long-term business partner Kim Browne (Chief Executive Officer), launched Twisted Toast Digital as a new hybrid marketing agency. Erik Verster is The Toast's Creative Director. Louis, Kim and Erik have significant skills in digital media and marketing. They are brand content and inbound marketing experts. After obtaining a BCom (Honours) Marketing Management degree at the University of Pretoria, Louis completed his post-graduate Higher Diploma: Journalism at the Tshwane University of Technology. He was awarded Master of Business Leadership (MBL) by Unisa’s Graduate School of Business Leadership in 1996. His digital media Master degree research report covers the impact of the new media driving force on the consumer magazine industry. A special treat for Louis is smothering his warm toast with hand-sliced peach jam. Follow Louis on Twitter @LouisEksteen (//Twitter.com/LouisEksteen)

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