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    Bongani Mtlhavani-Recksons

    It is very saddening, imagine all the jobs that are going to be lost. The way the company was treating its staff you could see that it was not going to see the end of the day. I remember when I resigned from there late October from the preasure that I received from my senior. I think other companies should learn to treat their staff in a good way to avoid losing them, staff is a precious asset a company could ever own. MSA staff dragged the company down, I am testimony to that!!!

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    It was not the staff that dragged the company down, it was the greedy owners. The company was in financial stress for a while and the hard-working staff kept it alive. The greedy owner did what he does best and sucked the little money that kept it alive. But i do agree, every company should treat its employees like their favourite client.

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    jobless thanks to MSA

    I agree with “Formeremployee” , the staff were not the reason at all for the closure of MSA. Why should we take the blame for this??? we are now struggling to keep heads above water as a result of the people responsible for bringing the company down. All these jobs lost, no income at all, and we weren’t even told untill the >>>>> hit the fan! There are still a lot of employees that have not found jobs, and this affects families!! why could management not have taken earlier precautions?
    This article states… “… top media monitoring company…..” how on earth is it possible for a TOP company to liquidate…. even more so because the Company was making money, but all of this was sucked into debt and very high salaries!!!!!
    Furthermore the lies continue, and the people at MSA knows this! …. Salaries paid….. yeah, but only half of it!!!

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    It was a big surprise for us staff to hear the end of msa while top management had no answer for us. At least we deserved a warning or some sort of a package but we were betrayed. We worked our butts off until the very last minute. Msa was a very good company and now all the success went down the drain!

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    Bongani, were you peraps ‘ill-treated’ by your senior because you were not capable? Staff did not drag this company down, selfish owner- and directorship did. Funny how it is always the people who could not cope with te demands of their jobs who are the first to throw stones. Please remember one thing, you too live in a glass house. It is time that you stopped making emotional outbursts and check the facts.

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    Richard Moropa

    Ive been with MSA for over 10 years but to be honest i knew the company will go down sooner or later I left this company 2 years before its demise, These are some of the factors led to the demise of MSA
    1 MSA got rid of knowledgeable people
    2 they appointed people with less enthusiasm & knowledge of media industry.
    4 The owner of MSA trusted wrong people
    3 The so called CEO replaced experience management with her friends, for instance after the then consultant left the company, she replaced her with her personal friend from broadcast to become a so called consultant, they are very very close, they then appointed the most  intriguing person to become Head of department in Broadcast, she knew nothing about broadcast, i was the one who taught her how broadcast operates but after a year she became big headed & arrogant ,there was a guy by the name of  Themba & in my opinion that guy was one of the hardworking & dedicated guy i’ve ever worked with, but because they wanted their cronies to run broadcast, they kept him aside, i’ll only comment about broadcast because that is the department i have knowledge about, all in all the favoritism in management is the downfall of MSA. I must admit that broadcast stuff was dedicated but unfortunately they would always going to be discarded. MSA has always been a survivor kind of company, i’m following all media broadcast companies but what i see from all of them is that they are professionally run, management is making rational decisions when appointing the staff  by people thinking straight, to all MSA staff, please keep your heads high & life goes on & i wish you all the best, when the other door closes the other one  opens        

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    Raheem Thaele

    Hi everyone. My name is Raheem Thaele, better known as Abdu at the late MSA. I was one of their in-house developers for almost 2 years. In this short period I must be truthfull and say that the company was unfortunatlely run by power hungry less knowledgable people who put down others to uplift themselves. I’m not going to mention any names, but all those who know me from MSA will agree with me when they remember how people like myself were victimised by management.

    It is important to note that MSA’s backbone like any other Media Monitoring company globaly was its Software Development section of the IT Department. We developed and maintained all the inhouse software which allowed Broadcast, Print and other Departments to do their jobs (ie monitor, evaluate, and
    analyse media).

    During my time at MSA I was one of only two developers which MSA had, after Mr. Paul De Beer (Senior Developer) resigned. I was left with Renier and we worked our buts off to keep the media process
    running and keep clients happy.

    Numerous people will agree that I was one of the best developers MSA had espesially those people who got to use my applications first hand, eg. Ad- Tracking applications for instance, MSA Broadcast Quality Control applications and many many more.

    It might come as a suprise to them as to why I was firstly: underpaid for my hard work (no Tom dick and
    harry could do) and secondly: why I was sidelined and victimised for being good at what I did and delivering on my performance on time!

    I chose to resign from the company on my own free will in June 2010 for greener better pastures which I did find. I decided to leave after been issued with final warnings of misconduct (ie for falling sick and informing my senior amongst other nonsensical reasons for warnings!)

    The fall of MSA doesn’t come as a suprise to me. Anyone who knew how gatvol the people with talent
    that worked in MSA would have seen this comming. People were leaving because they were ill-treated.
    And I am sorry to say, but there was a subtle level of rascism towards some of us. If we as South
    Africans can not put aside our differences (race, culture, religion etc) then we will all be doomed like MSA
    eventually. Let this be a lesson to those people who ran MSA with malice and hate toward their fellow employees.

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    Development Company

    What a pathetic self advertising post this is.  If you are such a great developer, then why didn’t you move on?  If underpaid, then why not move on?  If being victimized, then why not move on?

    Some just like to complain, others do something about it and… MOVE ON!

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    Raheem Thaele

    Maybe you guys are just too emotional to read. I will repeat in bold I CHOSE TO RESIGN FROM THE COMPANY ON MY OWN FREE WILL which means I DID MOVE ON! AND QUITE EASILLY I MIGHT ADD!

    I am not complaining I am just stating the facts about what went down in MSA. Some people don’t want to face the truth about what happened to them or what they were involved in.

    I left MSA before its collapse, I did not beg or stay behind like a desperate jobless, careerless person. I was being ufairly treated and I will never say otherwise, so deal with it. It’s the truith. I applied for other jobs and guess what… it didn’t even take me a week to get calls for an interview.

    So please @Development Company… don’t take this personally, because your MSA went to hell. I was just as much a part of it as anybody else who made some real contribution. So with all due respect my being a great developer has nothing to do with this post.

    I can play hop and move around from company to company, but a real dedicated developer is not just in it for the money. Sure money is a neccessity, but if you are a real developer you know that there is such a demand for us and the revenue we save the companies we work in or rather the revenues we bring them is far beyond.

    Take it easy people I never attacked anyone in particular.
    It’s not about you as an individual.

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    MSA we are missing you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we are really disapointed at the outcomes of this matter. it was my first company i work at thanks for the edxperience and knowlegde with the power that i can be great

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    I think racism and greediness played a role in the collapse of MSA. There were nepotism and employees who has professions earned less whereas those with matric or no matric at all earn fat salaries. 

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    I agree 100% with what you’ve just said Raheem. I worked for MSA for three years and I could see how you were ill-treated by those racists and now some of them are nowhere.

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    Ill appreciate help from any of former MSA employee can help me on where I can get any documentation, proving that I was once an employee at MSA. The company let us down. I don’t even want to go further

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    I dont miss MSA as for that lady called Saskia Meintjies i wonder how Junk Mail hired her because she doesnt know how to treat people i would donder her if can see her on the road she’s such a bitch

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    Try contacting the liquidators Invest Insolvency Practisioners – they could even provide you with a UI-19 form to claim UIF. 

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    Steve Mndebele

    Oh my God, I’m saddened by the news of MSA’s demise. MSA was a home for between 2001 and 2004. Today I’m the most successful person because of MSA. God, I can’t believe this.



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    Miss Socialite

    I miss the MSA people , with all the ill treatment and racial discrimination some of us enjoyed and leaned that what goes around comes around, Now am flying high in the media world because of the learning experience

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    Miss socialite

    Hi benny

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    @d10ca8d11301c2f4993ac2279ce4b930:disqus i’m quite sure you did not read @b12d226ed712e37154cf7e8af620f5d6:disqus’s article. He said everything in past tense (simple English) which means he moved on so why are you sickening enough to judge him by the present. Please read before you comment or ask for help on past, present and past participle. Thank you @b12d226ed712e37154cf7e8af620f5d6:disqus

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    I can see my message being censored I mean Raheem did the right thing and he said it all here. development company pls read before you comment.

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    Anyone ever heard of Hennie van Zyl?

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    He was the owner of MSA. Rudest and most unpolished man I’ve ever met.

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