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    Sikhumbuzo Qwabe

    To getaway from false empty political promises and gateway to better life; Vote ANC on Wednesday 18 May, 2011. The ANC will never ask people to build illegal shacks and claim to have discoered horrible state of people living in shacks. That is very poor strategy that amounts to political trachery.

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    Sikhumbuzo Qwabe

    Been away for sometime. All those who want to getaway from empty political promises and find a gateway to better life; Vote ANC on Wednesday, 18 May, 2011. Dont just vote, vote ANC.

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    Great article. I’m working on a similar piece for The Digital Edge podcast ( We release on a Tuesday which is the day before the election.
    Just one thing — Helen Zille claims to be the first *validated* Twitter account in SA. I’ve been on twitter for over four years and she’s been on for two years. But Twitter introduced a validation system, which Zille used. Followers now know that Zille has proved her identity to Twitter’s satisfaction.
    Small point, but important one. Great article!

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    FS Ngcobo

    using social networks to voice opinions is a good form of communicating, as it enables voters to ask questions on a personal level. Great article!

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    Janine Stephen

    Hello Skihumbuzo,

    Thanks for your comments. I see that what I wrote could be read two ways. From my conversation, I understood Palm meant the demolitions were illegal, not the homes. Janine

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    FYI: The official ANC twitter account is @MyANC_:disqus.

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     FYI: The official ANC twitter account is @MyANC_:twitter 

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