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    I would be interested to see more detail on this issue as I know different types of consumers behave in vastly different ways to mobile ads. I for one consider an ad on my Blackberry as pure spam – no “ifs”, “buts” or “maybes”.

    I also do not accept 95% of the fliers and other junk mail handed out at intersections UNLESS I can clearly and immediately see that I might be interested (eg. when the car is due for a service). Yet I will see many more drivers accept every single flier, glance at it and toss it out the window. That is a behaviour I find repugnant on every level, but the advertiser in question is none the wiser and sees its epistles disappearing by the ton.

    In fact, I am so appalled at the general standard of direct advertising worldwide – whether to laptops, via email, Facebook, Google, intersections, post office boxes, direct to home/office – that, on a point of principle I refuse to support any company making itself guilty of this kind of obnoxious advertising.

    And whether we like to admit it or not, different African cultures behave in different ways … hence my opening question.

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    It is interesting to see the issue. This shows that african countries are upgrading their level to compete with other nations in the world. Smart phone usage is almost reached ints higher level in the urban countries like US, UK etc…where in African countries it not reached its high level but almost started its way to find path. As mobile ad Companies started to migrate their ad direction to such countries, those people also gain a lot of profits as such as rest of the world……

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    As mobile ad Companies started to serve the people in a new short way, such that products can reach the customers soon. The Above Article Shows that non urban countries such as africa , there people is showing a lot interest in this ad marketing is some what great with a leading score………

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