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    Mary Biggs

    agree with Herber, the model they are looking at works overseas but it wont work here. And why not – because its not invented here. We are different from the rest of the world. Lets bury our heads in the sand and pretend it does not exist in this country.

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    @ Mary Biggs. SA is different. But global best practise is closing the chasm every day. SA Trading has to change because the industry means to track audience fragmentation is getting expensive. The barriers marring acceptance of media owner based research as reliable, transparent and consistent will be eroded with the take up of DSTV-i; DMMA Effective Measure reports and the likes on the horizon. Why? Because this is how it’s done overseas! Once the power of the media owner (in qualifiying their own product) is regenerated, so their confidence to trade creatively will gather momentum. Perhaps not in the way we all understand volume deals in the current context, but it will emerge – perhaps wearing a fresh dress that raises one or two eyebrows, but no longer scares the living crap out of dad.

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