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    Felicity Levine

    Caryn! You have written a whole page of gobbledygook without saying anything!  The whole point of using plain language is to empower readers with knowledge. You’ve used the space to play with language leaving readers none the wiser. Felicity

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    Yes, one of the things I enjoy doing is playing with language. That is the slant I take in my columns, whatever the topic. And if making a potentially yawn-inspiring topic a bit more palatable is “gobbledygook”, then mea culpa. Feedback has been positive, but I guess you really can’t please all of the people all of the time. Nor would I want to, I suppose, because bland acceptance is oh so boring. 
    My next few columns on plain language will probably be a bit too factual for my usual readers, but maybe you will find them a bit more useful.
    Here’s hoping….

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    Cheryl Stephens

    Thank you for taking on this topic. I will encourage more people to follow this series. I take this column as an introduction to what will follow and I appreciate the gentle rhythm. I love that you expressed your view that the plain acronym is twee! It can certainly be confusing.

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    Felicity Levine

    Then don’t call it “Plain Language” because that’s not what you’re writing about. Call it “Having fun wth words”.   

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