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    The emoticons are not quite how I intended them. I am going to try sort them out.

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    Miriam Jorna

    By the way, the (-: is known to me as a smiley for lefthanded people.
    The o for a nose is used by self-depricating fat people, and also by people who like to pose as clowns. Either way is rather odd for an official bank communication. Or just an indication of them hiring very cheap, meaning immature people to handle this. The infamous cousin who knows everything about social media because that’s all they do all day?

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    Thanks, Miriam, you have shed light on a few issues for me today. I come from a family peppered with lefties but I am right-handed. So that doesn’t explain why I swim against the tide with smiley conventions. Maybe, as my husband often says, I am just being “otherwise”. 
    But you are right, there is no excuse for a self-deprecating comment by a bank official. Maybe it really was the Piggy bank? 

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