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    Gosh, talk about a technophobic neanderthal. Audiences enjoy social media, Mark. Ignore the trend at your peril.

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    We need to move forward, not backwards!!

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    Hear, hear. Methinks he doth protest too much?

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    Amanda Watson

    This is the same Mark ‘The Screecher’ Gilman who can crack a window at 10 metres. Salt anyone?

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    Circulation Steve

    Gilmans quite right – the trend is actually to drop facebook et al -exactly whats happening overseas in the hundreds of thousands….
    SARadio is crap and needs exactly the sort of treatment he’s talking about…..

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    I must say – he does have a point. As brands, we sit in the quandry. If you don’t use social media, you lose contact with a large part of your customer base under the age of 35, however when do we / shoud we move back to real customer interactions??

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