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    Robyn Dryden

    Hi Wicus,

    Loved your article and fully agree!

    I remember reading a headline of one of the media planning text books “Media Planning: Art or Science” and I don’t think it is either now-a days. Our media industry may have the skill but the deadlines and resources are always too tight. What could take two weeks on Brand Strategy is reduced to two days due to clients being reactive, not briefing in time and general workload in the agencies.

    While we should be pushing back on timing to client to ensure a thorough job is done, we tend to take the bullet by over committing our time, this leading to burn out.
    With each late or incomplete briefing, we get trained to be reactive and push our media recommendations out in templates / main points… and end up losing the creativity (Art).

    We as media agencies also don’t gloat enough. Commitment discounts get better every quarter as does the media roll-out and yet we don’t brag about it.
    I think that there is a huge gap in the industry. We can do an amazing media job but do not know how to add the finishing touches – Client Service. 

    When client views the agency as the lead business partner, media timing and costing could change, allowing for closer integration and skilled individuals spewing out creativity 🙂

    Cheap + Quick Meal = Mc Donalds

    Enough time to prepare a meal = Nutritions, visually appealing, great taste and adding to the overall health of your body.

    Robyn-Ann Dryden

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