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    Justin Sanan

    “paywalls will remain an option but with the risk of low subscriptions and loss of advertising revenue it will not be the obvious route to take when there are other more feasible opportunities” – I think this is the key take out for me, and a statement that I believe will ultimatly seal it’s fate

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    Jacob Ford

    Very few newspapers can withstand giving away 95% of their online readership the way that the NYT did.

    I would caution anyone who gets too excited about the NYT’s “success”! (Most of those papers don’t have leftist billionaires to save the day for propaganda purposes when the great new idea doesn’t turn out to be such a great success after all!)

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    Jacob Ford

    I’ve posted this on other websites but I’ll say it again: This must be the really, really long view if it encompasses giving up on 98% of your readership so 2% pays.

    Beyond all the newspapers trying to be fraternal and come up with inventive new ways to pretend that the paywalls are working for their brother organizations, I don’t see how this is working in any sense. (If they used some of that creativity in their day to day writing they might be better off! But I guess the kitty gets aggressive when he senses that the food bowl is going to be taken away!)

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