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    “….should have mounted a defamation case…” Damn right, I would have done that had Murray attributed such small scale to some of my most vital statistics where everyone could see it. I would have felt not only offended, but absolutely defamed and entitled to a big settlement to make the hurt go away and restore some pride. How will the poor president now be able to convince any further prospective wives of his true credentials? The damage is enormous, the infamy almost blasphemous! Off with Murray’s head!

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    Free Willy

    Amen, Eusebius! As much as I have great respect for Ferial and everything she has achieved, I agree that she has made a terrible mistake here and set an unpalatable precedent for us, at a time when our freedoms are under the greatest threat since 1994. As usual, your argument is thoughtful, on the money and entertaining to read. Keep it up (no pun intended)!

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