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    I guess Bullard is never just going to move on is he?  I guess we still have many years of him complaining and offering his “advice” on how to run a succesful paper when he never so much as rose above the position of columnist and then got fired.  Oh boy…

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    David Bullard

    @CoolZA  I never knew it was possible to rise above the position of columnist (and best read columnist at that). Surely you’re not seriously suggesting that an editor ranks higher?

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    For a seasoned journalist Bullard is supposed to, one would not expect to find silly makes such as getting peoples’ names wrong in his Pulitzer Prize winning copy. It is Connie Molusi and NOT Malusi as he says. Journalism 101!

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    David Bullard

    @Tefomothibeli….Fair comment. I Googled Malusi and saw that several respectable newspapers used that spelling of his name. What I should have done was looked at a copy of the balance sheet of Johnnic. Bloody subs again.

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    Rest assured, this “businessman” as you refer to Colin Cary, may surprise many. Expect the following:
    1. A period of quiescence.
    2. A series of management rattling changes. (sound right…however…)
    3. Employment of puppets that he will surround himself with to protect his position on the board. (without regard for the business, this will be putting his power base in front of any business interest)
    4. A major decline in morale and much micro-management.
    5. An massive increase in staff turnover.
    NETT result, a short term cost cutting programme, coupled with protecting his position by surrounding himself with puppets….AND THEN…The Decline. Mark my words.

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