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    Quentin Wray

    The flaw with the argument put here is that the amounts that are being spoken about as collectible in terms of this are really very small and will not offset the loss of advertising revenue to any major extent. That said, in these tough times, every cent helps.

    The principle is that businesses, such as media monitoring companies, should not expect to be able to make money off newspapers’ content – which is their primary input – but not have to pay in any way towards the generation of that content. 

    In any business you pay for your inputs. It is only fair.

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    As well as the fact pointed out below by Quentin, your writer makes some wild and unsubstantiated comments such as ‘advertising revenues are decreasing drastically’ . Not when I last checked Adindex. And ‘only recently started contributing to the MDDA’ ;read their income statements. His other points about print media being sensitive are well founded, but pity that community newspapers (ones owned by the big 4 and independently) and  magazines are lumped with mainstream newspapers. That’s where tee sensitivity and often arrogance really lies. 

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    Peter Sullivan

    The MDDA would not have come into existence without the major print media companies. It is weird for somebody who is in the monitoring game not to know this. If you pay for content when you buy the newspaper, why should you get it free online? Who would then buy a newspaper? As for being sensitive to criticism, I doubt there is any company which fields as much criticism as a newspaper company. And perhaps Eskom. And Telkom … well, perhaps newspapers are just in the top ten. Of course it is all deserved. Nobody ever chooses the right lead story, or correct business model, or reflects the “National Interest” (whatever that may be). Damn. One thing I can’t compute is why the public keeps buying newspapers ..?

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