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    To be fair, FNB has clearly demonstrated that they have a better grasp on the digital landscape than many agencies out there. It does probably make sense for them at this point to bring it in-house as the cost of external parties is nowhere near the 1% reported. 

    Medium to long term though I’m pretty sure that FNB will consult on a strategic level with competent agencies to get the bird’s eye they require to stay ahead. I’m hoping that this move will be a wakeup call for companies and agencies alike that they need to step up their game if they still want to be relevant in a few years time. Well done FNB.

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     You dont know what you are talking about pal!

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    please.. as if you have any more credibility by calling yourself ‘media_guru’

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    You still dont know what you are talking about. From what you have written above – you clearly dont know how things work in the media world. You should keep those kinds of outlandish comments to yourself.

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    and you still haven’t provided any substantial reason for me to believe that you do know what you’re talking about?
    I hardly think my comments are outlandish and I’d be happy for you to argue them rationally. Or enlighten me on how things work ‘in the media world’

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     Okay Tomas.

    Engaging in a rational debate would be trivial, because it would seem you are writing with an agenda. Of which bias, I am not sure.

    I am a reputable source in media journalism – i need not say anymore, but your words will be marked?

    Lets catch up when we see how this pans out


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    The article is a bit confused between digital media which makes up about 5% of spend and the rest…Now sure that comparisons should be made.  The other banks should be happy – this will certainly take FNB a notch or 2 down in terms of being able to keep up to date with current trends in a rapidly changing media environment…

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