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    Llewellyn Kriel

    Thanks for being our Rosetta Stone, Chris – helping us also read between the lines. A game ranger with a pretty dim view of journalists once pointed out to me that one could distinguish between the black and white rhino by the behaviour of little rhinotjies in the bush. The white rhino calf runs in FRONT of mom while the black calf runs BEHIND her. I immediately misinterpreted his comment to have racial undertones, but he asked, very perspicaciously, whether we in the media simply write whatever we think our readers want (a la white rhino following its calf) or do we lead them into new insights and understanding of their environments (a la black).

    I believe a lot of the confusion stems from bad research methodologies too. After one or two surveys you know the morons are the questioners, and in a group debate you know the morons are in the room with you. But on the bookshelf there are no categories of money.

    While I get most of my news from the web, I buy The Star every day – partly because it’s more local and way better subbed than 702, but primarily I pay R6.20 a day for the TargetWord, Quiz Crossword and Sudoku (in that order), then pp1, 3, leader page, op-ed, Bus p1 and finish with that section’s sudoku (on Saturdays I toss the property sections before leaving the store). I long ago stopped buying the Sunday Times because that price for a crossword is simply too much.

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    Wow. Quality vs quantity.

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