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    One correction to Dr Julie Reid’s comments that the DA’s Provincial Head Office is funded by public money. No, it is not – it is funded by private donors. These offices are not state or governmental offices, funded from taxpayers’ revenue. They are party organisational campaign headquarters. Like a charity relying on donors, the party (a non-profit organisation) relies on donors to fund its operations.

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    The other aspect to look at it is the fact that SAPA newswire lifted Fransman’s R4 million allegations straight from the New Age without a verification or an opportunity for comment from the DA and published it as a news report. The SAPA reporting was ambiguous and it confused the allegation as fact. Other online media sites simply copied and pasted the SAPA article and the story about R4 million was then accepted by journalists as fact. SAPA treating the New Age as a credible news source, without fact checking, and then publishing it into the public domain, should lead SAPA re-evaluate the New Age as a credible source of reporting.

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    Surely Dr Reid meant the WC provincial government with the DA in charge. We know the DA itself is funded by private donors!

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    so where did the R4m come from? we still don’t have the facts do we? so i think the media can be forgiven for printing the most factual-seeming information. creating a stink to get the adverse attention that is necessary to force the hand of the politicians has become a necessary evil. it is often the only way to get to the truth. which is a sad reflection of the state of politics – and often big business – in our country and other parts of the world. the arrogant and disdainful manner with which our politicians dismiss our right to know should be shown up for the betrayal it is. we have a right to know what money is influencing our politicians thinking and behaviour, and hence the political discourse in our country. that’s a fundamental basic if ‘freedom’ is to be a reality as envisaged by our constitution. the longer our politicians wallow in denial and the more they throw stones at journalists who are merely using the tools they’re forced to utilise to access the information that should otherwise be in the public domain, the less credible those politicians appear. this is South African’s Rubicon. if our politicians can bravely take this step forward, into the world of transparency and dare i say integrity, oh wow, then South Africa and its peoples can really start to heal and work together in an enabling environment where things are a darn sight closer to what they seem. transparency = knowledge = power

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