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    Ant Duke

    All points are most relevant. One of the biggest disappointments in radio today is on-air delivery. Barring a few, most presenters are not taught the art of including the listener in every link. To them ‘listener interaction’ is covered by a phone competion they run and not by encouraging inclusion.

    One to one radio; a companion; a mutual relationship; the less shit
    spoken the better; the importance of preparation; engaging the brain before the
    microphone; economy of words; being yourself; being a friend and a trusted one at that. Comment that is personal; the commitment honest; the friendship real; the
    humour candid; the image unpretentious; idiosyncrasies genuine; smiles unaffected; the truth acceptable; and the news authentic.

    Whether it’s FM, cell, web or your ballpoint pen, the immediacy of radio and how to use it, is the key. Goodbye to all of you out there in ‘Radioland’ and hello to you the

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