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    Jeremy Gordin

    Well, why don’t you read the Daily Sun for non-shoddy journalism, you old fart? .. If you’re going to subscribe only to those two confidential (no one reads ’em) newspapers, you’re going to get shoddy journalism …

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    Herman Lategan

    @ Jeremy … he he he.

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    Gunther S.

    Yeah, Chris, you’ll probably get the Tysonian both sides of the story in Daily Sun articles such as “Man ate maggots from dead body, court told” and exposés about sleeping nurses and murderous mentally ill people. Better still, you get lots of exclamation marks, which invariably is a signal of non-shoddiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Russ Naille

    Chris may or may not be an old fart but he is spot-on in his analysis of our local papers. The content is produced by people who can’t seem to think for themselves – if they could, the angle on the Pali Lehohla story would have been about what a dumb statement he had made… not the statement itself.

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    Callie Mocke

    the following truth comes to mind..Most people seek out information confirming there opinions and ignore or reject arguments that contradict there dispositions ..many years ago my faithful tracker in the bush war once told me don’t see the spoor because you are looking for the obvious see what you want to must look for that that you must see..the spoor is not gone ,you just cannot see it ..unfortunately we live in a era where the books must balance or the paper goes under..therefore the instance that writes the pay cheque will gets the prominent ”truth”

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    Adriana Stuijt

    One prime example of shoddy journalism is the nationwide ‘mistake’ recently of allowing the sub-judice publication of the names of suspects the farmer Johnny Burger and his farm-manager Dozi Treurnicht before they had even heard any charges in a court of law or had a chance to plead to such charges. Such total disregard of the human rights of ‘some suspect’ for political reasons by newspapers has already led to the tragic consequence of Mr Burger’s suicide after he was so disgracefully mobbed at the Ashton Court and threatened with ‘Burn Him’. This is extremely shoddy journalism indeed and ALL the newspapers actually participated in this politically-motivated disregard for the sub-judice publishing rule. Utterly disgusting!

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    Not sure why they don’t just hire statistically literate writers. There must be queues of people with actuarial science degrees desperate to earn R15,000 a month interviewing politicians on the phone.

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