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    This man Herbst is not interested in the case of Hlaudi Mofokeng, or in the SABC.

    All he wants is to stick it to the ANC. It helps not at all.

    In no way is Hlaudi Mofokeng a cadre of the ANC. Anyone who says so, does not know what he or she is talking about.

    The line that Mr Herbst is taking is a very good way to obscure what happened at the SABC. It is so obscurantist as to prompt the question to Mr Herbst: Who loves you, baby? Who’s your Daddy?

    And: Where were you, little man, when the stuff hit the fan?

    The story of the SABC would be very instructive, if an honest person could get near it, and stay within the bounds of verifiable reality.

    Unfortunately Ms Madonsela has likewise larded her otherwise useful report with claims to medical and managerial expertise that she does not possess.

    It seems like there is an irresistible urge to go “OTT” when it comes to the SABC.

    The best thing would be to blow the “Faulty Towers” up, never rebuild it, and ignore the subsequent cries of the Herbsts of this world when they shriek “HOLY ANALYSTS!!!!! THE ANC BLEW UP THE PUBLIC BROADCASTER!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!”.

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