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    Felicity Levine

    The media is an important player in keeping government accountable. If the Nkandla report had not been so dramatically publicised in the media, it would undoubtedly have been speedily archived. The watch-dog role the media plays is as vital to democracy as any constitutionally mandated public institution. The Public Protector only investigated Nkandla after media exposure. Too often public sector institutions only take action in the wake of media exposure. State hospital negligence is another case in point. So let us say: God bless the media, the heartbeat of our democracy.

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    I just received bulk campaign SMS about this from the ANC no doubt !!

    The ANC and its allies are trying to put a spin on the Nkandlagate saga by using semantics (“She did not say HE STOLE”) and their false appreciation for processes and procedure (“Why didnt she give the report to the president before the media briefing”), instead of getting to the heart of the issue. The R250-million that materialized under ZUMA’s nose, on HIS property, without him knowing !

    The problem here, is that the ANC and its allies think we are STUPID.

    When Nxesi and the inter-ministerial committee defended their FIRE-POOL, Cronin and Nzimande said nothing. They said nothing about the hard-earned taxes that COULD have been used to improve the lives of the destitute, but used to ensure that Zuma and his descendants have a palace to live in. Now they think something as minor as processes will lead the public to believe Zuma is the victim AGAIN. All we wanted were FACTS and Thuli provided them!! Thank you !

    The ANC has many concubines !!! One being the SACP !!! Blade Nzimande is a sellout. The worst excuse for a communist. Chris Hani and Joe Slovo would have been incensed and mortified at the thought of their legacy being corrupted by this leach.

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    And they will stick together, try to divert attention (like this article), highlight successes that would have been achieved regardless, by the black majority without a corrupt government and try to portray it as a “good story”.

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