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    Louis Eksteen

    I’m an agency leader? Shot, bru!

  2. 2

    Phil Lynagh

    Nicely written bru….

  3. 3

    Justin McCarthy

    Thanks Phil – nice to see my ramblings reach all the way over your side of the planet.

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    Louis Eksteen

    It seems as if tech is starting to play the major role in marketing and advertising, if The Wall Street Journal is to be believed:

    “Some agency executives are feeling marginalised by the shift, noting that much of the chatter at Cannes this year was about social networks, data and advertising technology. A decade ago the talk at Cannes centered on TV creative or print ads, industry executives say.

    “These complaints may reflect angst felt on the creative side of the industry as digital technology changes consumer behaviour—and complicates the ad world. Many admit they are struggling to keep up with consumers as they spend more time with mobile devices and on social networking sites, and less time watching TV or reading newspapers and magazines. Compelling, creative ads are just part of the challenge now. Putting those ads in front of consumers is the hard part.”


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    Justin McCarthy

    It’s not about ads any more Louis – hasn’t been for nearly a decade. Absolutely the creative industry has struggled to adapt, but it’s largely on top of the game now. Cannes is an excellent example of that. Advertising used to be defined by traditional media because this was the only way advertisers could reach audiences. Now we can reach them with a great idea in a multitude of channels. The creative playground is magnitudes larger today than a decade ago. Those who embrace this are winning. We don’t just make ads for traditional channels any more, we create ideas that have impact in whatever forum the audience is engaging.

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    Louis Eksteen

    I agree.

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