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    Mike Golby

    Any list not including Sector 9 is no list at all. Stick a set of 77mm/80As Krypto Classics on to Randal trucks and, man, you’re ready to…umm, probably severely injure yourself. Never mind, Jedd, I don’t blame you for the omission – either your son hasn’t got around to letting you in on such trade secrets or the global popularity of longboarding has yet to be recognised locally.

    Around five years ago, Peter Wright of the Corner Surf Shop dug out and showed me a mint pair of Chicago trucks with the original resin-coloured polyurethane Cadillac wheels we used back in the day when oak decks were the norm and, ‘overseas’, the Z-Boys were breaking drought-hit Californian pool owners’ hearts. Unfortunately, white South Africans pools were all filled to the brim back in the mid 70s, so this country never saw skateboarding reaching the same heights in our particular demographic. We did, however, get into making our own flexible decks as those bought from the surf shops snapped beneath the wheels of cars into whose path they’d been launched at around the same time as their riders hit the tar with sickening, bruising thuds.

    But that’s all by the by. I tells ya’, nothing can beat the sight of those old wheels singing on a pair of Chicago trucks. And, yes, Sector 9. The best deck there is. Or was, about two years ago when I last took my longboard out and bombed our local hill. When a man reaches his ‘later’ 50s, it’s time to realise that torn muscles and tendons no longer heal as they used to :).

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